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Declaración de Fe como iglesia afiliada a RMN
CATEDRAL DE ADORACION Y RESTAURACION (CATHEDRAL OF WORSHIP AND RESTORATION) STATEMENT OF FAITH Catedral de Adoración y Restauración is an open and affirming charismatic Christian ministry. Our goal is to bring a message of inclusion in Puerto Rico and to be a "church model" for traditional churches, encouraging dialogues on an inclusive theology. Our church not only welcomes people from the LGBT community, but also their friends, family and anyone who shares the vision of a gospel focused on the message of grace, inclusion and social justice. Our community of faith has received a very special calling from God; be a new family and a place of refuge where people can grow spiritually and receive pastoral care in order to be healed and restored from the wounds and rejection they received in the churches from which they come. We have been called to testify on our Island, that Christ loves us regardless of our sexual orientation, social status, sex, gender identity, color, race, nationality, language, etc. and that we are as children of God as any human being because our identity does not limit access to God. In spite of being a non-denominational church, we share and celebrate the fundaments of Methodism and the Wesleyan Theology of Grace and inclusion. People who attend our congregation come from various Christian traditions, united by the belief that Christ has redeemed us by His sacrifice on the cross of Calvary. We are saved by the grace of God through faith in Jesus Christ. For this reason we celebrate and focus on those aspects that unite us and not where we separate. Many people have been excluded from the churches because of their living conditions, health status, ethnic-racial origin, gender identity, sexual orientation and by many other prejudices. Our congregation, as a ministry focused on hospitality, is the vehicle used by God to call them, their friends and relatives to come back home. We work for the establishment of various ministries in order to be a dynamic and growing church. We believe that with God's help, we will continue impacting Puerto Rico and other places where He direct us to address the needs and bringing a message that transform consciousness and provoke changes in people, so that they can approach a God who loves them and include them in its plan of salvation understanding that their living conditions, health status, ethnicity, race, sexual orientation or gender is not an impediment to serve God. Our Church is open to anyone wanting to worship God and to work as servants for the establishment of the Kingdom of Justice. Our vision is to be a far-reaching ministry to impact the consciousness of individuals through education, training and teaching a liberating word so that everyone can receive the message of the Gospel of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ and transform their lives without losing the essence of who they are. We firmly believe in the need to educate and disciple society about how to break down prejudice based on sexual orientation and to the LGBT community, on how to approach a God who loves them regardless of their orientation but expects from us a spiritual growth and the transformation of our lives through the consecration of our souls. Our congregation is made up of people of different Christian traditions. Our mission is to bring the message of reconciliation of Jesus Christ to all people and train them in the knowledge of the word in order to reach the level of spiritual maturity that God desires for each of us and led by the Holy Spirit, be restored and bear fruit, that will result in blessing to its lives, to others and to the faith community to which they belong. By signing this document we state our statement of faith today, February 22, 2015 in Manatí, Puerto Rico.

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